SiteWhere 1.11.0 Documentation

Getting Started

System Overview - High-level overview of what SiteWhere does and the technologies it uses.

System Architecture - A more detailed view of how the system is designed and implemented.

Developer Guide - Download the latest SiteWhere code and build the system for yourself.

Core API Javadoc - Explore Javadoc for the SiteWhere core APIs.

Server API Javadoc - Explore Javadoc for the SiteWhere server APIs.

REST Services - Explore the available SiteWhere REST services including detailed usage examples.

Using the System

Installation - Install SiteWhere on a local machine or in the cloud.

Sending and Receiving Device Data - Connect devices and other agents to SiteWhere.

Global Configuration - Configure the global aspects of SiteWhere that are common to all tenants.

Tenant Configuration - Configure individual tenants with their own data store and processing pipeline.

Administrative Application - Use the included HTML5 administrative application to configure a SiteWhere instance.

Integrating with Other Technologies

Running in the Cloud - Run a SiteWhere instance on one of the many supported cloud providers.

Integration Tutorials - Integrate SiteWhere with external platforms and services.